Mini Bonita babydoll dress with a Racer T back, ruffled neckline and three rivets on the “belt”. Extra flow-y asymmetrical skirt was kid spinning tested and approved!

Article number: Kid Bonita-16-Hortensia Purple-2&3
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Well it must be said that we are coming to the end of our children’s line…so we wanted to end with a BANG! What little girl doesn’t want a light strappy twirly dress to run around in? Anik actually had her kid friends test out the dress before it went into production ( it got sent back a few times by the kids for not being twirly enough…Anik added more twirl…the dress got the thumbs up). Why is it important to dress your little mini’s in sustainable fabrics? Do we really need to answer that? Our customers know and understand that leaving the world a greener place for our kids is essential. That’s why we love you!
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