Molecule Hoodie

Article number: Molecule-16-Black-XS
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Every molecule of your body will soyaliciously happy in our new shoulder-baring hoodie with reoccurring tear shaped cut-out designs. Organic ribbed lining in the cowl hood, down the ¾ gauntlet style sleeves with thumb hole, and along the wide doubled hem. Style lines down the front and back accentuate your curves, while giving an overall Femme Nikita vibe. What we say…When she was showing me this piece Anik mused: this piece is perfect for some kind of Femme Nikita mission. I love the cut outs, and the hand gauntlets….If I could come back in my next life I would be a ninja…or a race car driver. That pretty much describes this awesome zip down hoodie to a tee. Part work out gear, part sultry dance club wear…this hoodie is all action and no talk.
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